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Kill A Watt Meter 9-2011

Kill A Watt Meter 9-2011

Check out a Kill A Watt Meter

Have you ever noticed your outside electric meter whirling like crazy and wondered how that could be when no one was in the house?  Now you can find out by checking out the Kill A Watt Meter from our Library.

Alliant Energy has donated this meter which can be plugged into your standard electric outlet and then then the selected appliance plugged into the meter.  The meter will show you how many watts the appliance is using.  Please note that the meter can be used only for small 120 volt appliances.  Plugging in larger appliances like stove, clothes dryer, freezer, etc will damage the usage meter.  The meter also comes with a chart to help you calculate your monthly operating cost.

Alliant also donated 11 DVD's with 59 episodes of PowerHouse, which shows homeowners how to make the most of their energy usage and save money.

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.